The Ontario Makers and Mentors Innovation Conference is a student initiative supported by the University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering and CEED, The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Engineering Design. The objective of the conference is to offer an opportunity for makers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and students to meet, learn about the maker movement and its societal impact and to compete on innovative design.

The ones made for tinkering, experimenting, creating crazy things that move blink and buzz. Also known as the inventor with a million ideas or the DIY guy/gal.

The ones who give advice, provide guidance, educate, teach, and inspire. Also known as the advisor, teacher, or educator.

The 2017 Conference

The 2017 Ontario Makers and Mentors Innovation Conference is themed “Diversity and Innovation”. This year, we will be exploring the diversity of our makers and mentors as well as how they are contributing to innovation. There will be three main streams: makers, mentors, and skill building, which will allow you to explore different aspects of the given theme. Makers will explore diversity and innovation through tinkering and building, while mentors will explain how this topic applies to those who educate or mentor. The skill building workshops will offer different ways to improve your knowledge.

Friday, October 27th 17:00 - 21:00

Location: Media Centre, Morisset Hall, 1st floor, 65 University Private

17:00 Registration
17:30 Dinner
18:15 Opening Remarks

President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ottawa

Jacques Frémont

Opening Remarks

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Jacques Beauvais

Opening Remarks

The panelists will discuss efforts by maker collectives to foster dynamics of socio-economic inclusion and diversity

Hanan Anis
Dr Chris Armstrong
Nagham El Houssamy
Justine Boudreau
Nicole Tumaine
Jasmin Winter

Makerspace experiences with inclusion and diversity:
Canadian and African cases

Saturday, October 28th


Room 1:
MNO E218


Room 2: MNO E217



Redesigning education systems to raise fulfilled global citizens with the necessary knowledge, skills and character to solve humanity's most pressing challenges

Youssef Gaboune

Redesigning Education Systems

What is the difference between a Makerspace and a Hackerspace? How did each evolve and where are they going?

Tailor Dresden

Hakerspace v.s.

The mindset is so much more important than the stuff or the space. Make space in your context for learners to make. Support them in questioning, design, discovery, prototyping and iteration.

Shauna Pollock

Making Space
for Makerspace

4 easy steps to coding an autonomous robot that helps encourage students. Session will have a draw for a codemyrobot.ca

Rick Alexanderson

Hands-on Coding robot
as gateway to at Risk Youth

Come see as students from high schools and universities all across the region come and compete for the Student Innovative Design Awards.
New this year: the competition is open to the community! So while you are grabbing a bite to eat, make sure that you come check out the booths and learn all about the projects.

Competition Showcase

Location: SITE Atrium

Community labs or biomakerspace bring biotechnology to the masses and help incubate biotech projects. Learn some useful tips on how to access resources offered at community labs to turn biotech ideas into reality.

Vipal Jain
John Girgis

Biomakerspaces as emerging spaces of Innovation

Learn about a project that enabled Indigenous students to experience STEM though both Indigenous cultural knowledge and western science, tech, engineering, and math.

Paula Hall

InSTEM: Empowering Indigenous Youth Through Social Change

Think Big, Build Bigger
Visit a space for engineering students to design, fabricate, and test complex prototypes

Richard Scott

Tour of the
Brunsfield Centre

Delve into the world of “Making off-grid”. Learn about how this can be applied to manufacturing process in places like the Arctic

Anthony Dewar

"Making" off
the Grid

Libraries have been great supporters of the Maker culture. Several examples of successful makerspace in public and academic settings will be showcased. The benefits and challenges of co-location of Makers and Librarians will be discussed.

Jasmine Bouchard
Sarah Simpkin

Makerspaces in

Learn to use a program called A-frame to create a virtual world using HTML. It is as easy as creating a website!

IEEE uOttawa
Manisha Wanniarachchige

Virtual Reality Workshop

Panelists will discuss several topics, which include preprinting considerations, part reproducibility, printing process characterization, software used in the process, post-processing and process validation.

Adnan Sheikh, MD
Frank Rybicki MD
Dimitrios Mitsouras PhD
Leonid Chepelev MD
Daniel La Russa

Making in Medecine

Panelists will discuss how "making" can be included in education

Rola Tibshirani
Shauna Pollock
Su Cheng Lee
Rick Alexanderson
Andrew McDonald

Teachers on Makerspaces

Richard L'Abbé Makerspace


Sunday, October 29th


Room 3:
SITE A0150


Room 4:
SITE B0138



Designing and building interactive, tactile, and colourful elements that not only delight people but help them engage with their environment

Adrian Jones

SENSE-I: Multi-Sensory Interactive Products

Panelists will discuss the innovative ways "maker" culture is making the world more accessible

Justine Boudreau
Bocar N’Diaye
Yih Lerh Huang PhD FRSA
Mohamed Elsageyer
Steve Crane
Marie-Claude Gagnon

"Making" the world

Learn the basics of designing and creating a 3D model. Master the basic steps of exporting a model and printing it on the 3D printer.

Richard L'Abbé Makerspace

Intro to 3D printing

Learn how the University of Ottawa can put you on the path for innovation and lead to the development of KABO. A standalone device which recognize any type of object using deep learning technology and build their dream projects

Ali-id Bouh Ali

KABO : Pocket-Size Artificial Intelligence

"Maker Mobiles" have become a new way to encourage making and prototyping to audiences without access to a community makerspace. Panelists will discuss their own "Maker Mobile" programs and how they came into existence

Frank Bouchard
Julie Olivier, uOttawa
Scott Compeau, Queens
Tracy Ross, Actua

Making a Maker Mobile

Robot Mission is empowering communities to help our planet using 3D printed robots to collect tiny trash and shoreline debris.

Erin Kennedy

Helping the Planet with Robots

The Makershow will be a grand assembly of makers, tinkerers, experimenters, tech fanatics, as well as industry exhibitors. All coming together to showcase their work and talent.
Don’t miss out on this!


Location: Site atrium and rotunda

Ting Zhang

Makerspaces in China

What is the potential of Makerspaces in Indigenous Communities?

Jasmin Winter

Makerspaces in Indigenous communities

Learn how to create your own paint as well as some interesting methods to apply paint to your projects

Jason Cobill


Invent. Build. Play
The Richard L'Abbé Makerspace is a student run space that allows people to prototype, collaborate and build their dream projects

Richard L'Abbé Makerspace

Tour of the Makerspace

Who is Kids Code Jeunesse? What do they do? How is their program helping train teachers in the new world of “Making”

Andrew McDonald

How can we support your Makerspace?

Get to know the basics of block programing while programing a robot

Lethania Martinez

Basic Robot

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