Ommic 2016

The 2016 Ontario Makers and Mentors Conference was themed “Building Ideas”. The innovation that fuels our makers and mentors comes from an idea. In the 2016 conference we built these ideas and foster innovation. Hopefully, everyone who left this year’s conference was inspired to go back into their schools and communities and bring their imagination to life, start their own makerspaces and use new technology to bring their ideas to life.

Our committee gathered speakers; planned workshops, sessions and demonstrations that provide makers with resources and the latest of new technology and to help teachers learn about tinkering and how to incorporate it into the classroom. Held in the nation's’ capital, the 2016 conference brought together our maker and mentor communities in a way that was never done before.

2016's topics

Maker stream Mentor stream Skill building workshop
Waller street Brewery

Jeremy Scott

Building a makerspace

Olivia Eddy

Arduino & Wearables Workshop

Justine Boudreau

Coding Bootcamp

Tiffany Tse

Tour the uottawa makerspace Teaching Tinkercad: 3D design workshop for beginners

Justine Boudreau

Tech in the arts

  • David McDougall
  • Michael Ashley

Keynote: MD to 3D - 3D printing and tech in the health sciences

Frank Rybicki

3D Printing in the Makerspace

Mathieu Tousignant

Making in the era of Mixed Reality

Jeff Ross

Tech Panel of Educators

  • Christine Laporte
  • Jean Marc Dupont
  • Rick Alexanderson
  • Alison Adnani
  • Rola Tibshirani

Project Ideation session

Hanan Anis

Empowering women in tech

  • Pamela Lee-Shanok
  • Handan Tezel
  • Catherine Mavriplis

Maker to Entrepreneur: Product Development

Frank Bouchard

From STEM to STEAM- Adding the arts

Britta Evans-Fenton

Innovation in VR

Jonathan Gagne

Empowering Vulnerable Groups with Tech

Danielle Taillon

"Invention" problem solving techniques

Jason Cobill

Sponsors from 2016

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